Please watch the OrganicEye staff recap the Fall 2020 NOSB meetings

Tune in to hear veteran OrganicEye staff recap the daily proceedings of the Fall 2020 USDA National Organic Standards Board meeting. The NOSB debated and decided important issues, including whether some synthetic/non-organic substances should be allowed in organic farming and food production. These brief videos include the Cliffs Notes version of some of the most important issues in front of the 15-member diverse stakeholder body this year. Watch all the videos here on the OrganicEye YouTube channel or our Facebook page.
The NOSB meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but instead were virtual and available to the public via Zoom.
Additional Resources:
Transcripts of virtual testimony given before the NOSB during last week’s public comment period by OrganicEye leadership (Jay Feldman, Mark Kastel, and Dr. Terry Shistar).
Analysis of agenda items, including all petitioned or renewing materials, by Dr. Shistar.