On Monday, November 23, Mark Kastel, OrganicEye Director, interviewed Terry Shistar, PhD, Beyond Pesticides board member and chief scientific advisor at OrganicEye, about the potential impacts of sanitizers used in facilities manufacturing organic foods.

They discussed how to decide which sanitizers (biocides) should be allowed for use on surfaces that organic foods come in contact with and explored the following questions: 

  • Are they safe for human consumption? 
  • Are they safe for the environment? 
  • Are they safe for the workers who are exposed to them?

OrganicEye Director Mark Kastel and Dr. Shistar both attended a virtual panel presentation made to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) earlier this month.  

During the presentation, NOSB heard from a major manufacturer of sanitizers, a representative of their trade association, and a consultant serving corporate interests in organics. But where was the balance? They should have had Dr. Shistar, or another public-service scientist, on the panel to help guide the discussion.

Watch the interview on the OrganicEye Facebook page or the organization’s YouTube channel.