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Exclusive, in-depth reports and research produced by the OrganicEye team.

Vaccines in Organic Livestock Production

This briefing outlines our position on the use of genetically engineered vaccines in organic livestock production.

The Value of Authentic Certified Organic CBD Products

This investigative report highlights misleading or even fraudulent practices in the growing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) and related products industry.

Drilling down on CCOF legal complaints (conflicts of interest in agribusiness giants funding their certifier)

Including OrganicEye’s letter to the OIG, formal legal complaint filed with the NOP, and comprehensive backgrounders on CCOF, Grimmway, and Driscoll’s.

EWG: Dirty Dozen, Yes. Clean 15? Not Really.

Environmental Working Group recommends avoiding the produce “Dirty Dozen” by shopping their “Clean 15” list; these options are still dangerous/substandard.

Apeel™ and Other Exotic Produce Coatings You Might Be Eating

Produce is dead the moment it’s harvested; coatings maintain a zombie “looks-fresh” state for weeks. Read about Apeel™ and other edible coatings.

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