Help farmers take back control of the USDA organic label

Please stand with ethical organic dairy farm families by printing your proxy letter and mailing it back to OrganicEye:

PO Box 8
La Farge, WI 54639

Thank you. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Mark Kastel
Executive Director

Q: Why can’t I just click on a link and add my name to an online petition or send an electronic letter?

A: There is a method to our madness.

Most online petitions and letters are greatly discounted by policymakers who continually receive copious amounts of them. The easier it is to convey your comments, the greater chance they will be ignored. If some group collects, literally, millions of “signatures,” they might get noticed. But that’s really an exception.

Also, and please make no mistake about it, many of the groups using online petitions are principally doing it to data mine your personal contact information. That’s not to say all the efforts are illegitimate. They’re not. But that is certainly a byproduct and the main thrust for the outreach at some nonprofits.

We have found that when we deliver a few thousand hard copies of letters, especially when people personally sign them and potentially add some personal comments, they do glean attention from the politicians and regulators. Our tactic is quality rather than quantity of input.