A catchy little ditty by Kevin Mattson…

LA FARGE, Wis. — I’m really lucky to live in a unique agrarian community. It’s thought there are more organic farmers in this county than any other county in the country. The area has attracted an eclectic assortment of folks, including artists, writers, and obviously foodies. We have critical mass for restaurants serving local/organic food, a wonderful grocery co-op, and even our own independent community radio station, WDRT (which can be accessed outside of the local area, 24/7, on the web).

Kevin has a weekly show entitled All-Terrain Tonic on Wednesdays just after 8:30 a.m. Central. And he has set a goal for himself to write a song, on deadline, every week. His first one has to do with spending time away from your screens and meeting the people who actually produce your food. I thought I’d share it with OrganicEye followers.


Mark A. Kastel